Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anita Blake : Vampire Hunter by Laurell K Hamilton

Laurell K Hamilton has written a series of 15 books all starring Anita Blake. Anita is called the Executioner by the Vampires and is the one the police call on when things get messy. Anita lives in a world where Vampires and Wereanimals do exist. She carries a browning and a firestar gun and takes no shit from anyone.

Jean -Claude the vampire is one hot sounding character. i'd love to take a roll in the sack with him :P

These books are gritty and fast paced. not one for the faint of heart or weak stomach. Hamilton goes into detail about blood and gruesome things. a fantastic read if you want to read about a woman who can kick ass.

book 1 - Guilty Pleasures

The Art Of Undressing - Stephanie Lehmann

I am approximately half way through this novel. it is bright and fresh and funny.

Ginger's mother is an ex- stripper and all Ginger wants is to be a Chef, but Ginger must turn to her mother when she needs help to seduce a fellow culinary school student.

Well worth the read if you dont mind talk of hello kitty vibrators and sex and other gruesome yet delicious details.

my favorite line so far is :
"Desserts, she liked to say, are 'sex on a plate'. In my opinion, sex was 'dessert in bed'